imagesToday’s number-16-probably conjures up images of a “Sweet 16” party with pink roses and a pretty dress.  I was thinking about exploring that, and then I read an email from my oldest brother.

I have always adored my two brothers and would do most anything to get them to let me play with them, tag along or just listen to the ballgame with them on the front porch.  They taught me a lot.  If not for them I might not know for a surety how much puke could come from a little girl after smoking a cigar-that sliding down a rope from the tree house was really NOT the best way to get down-that corn cob fights can get brutal if it becomes two against one-that going to the cotton patch together creates a life long bond.  While I could have gone a lifetime without some of those lessons, a recent email was bursting with life lessons every sissy should consider.

16-things to never bet on

My brother has given me other words of wisdom, lists and life lessons.  I have a feeling you will hear more about “Things I Learned from My Brothers.”


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