“We are the only species on the planet, so far as we know, to have invented a communal memory stored neither in our genes nor in our brains.   The warehouse of this memory is called the library”

― Carl Sagan


Ephesus, established as a colony of Athens in the 10th century BC , changed hands throughtout its history, but was pretty much Greek to its core.  The library, built while the city was under Roman rule in about 100 AD,  is a great example of how far reaching that influence was on architecture.  The pillars used on the edifice are unique to Greek architects, who followed a highly structured system of proportions that began with the columns.  Symmetry and unity of parts to the whole were essential to the overal beauty of a building to the Greeks.  So, of course, what the libary needed was pillars-two stories of them-with little niches for statues representing Wisdom, Knowledge, Destiny and Virtue.  Believing the road to self improvement is developing positive character traits (virtues), I chose statue of Arete, who represents virtue,  for my photo op at the library : )


greek_islands_174(rev 0)

Knowing what we know about the majesty of pillars and columns, is it any surprise then, when a little town like Perry OK wants to let folks know that they value books, reading and such- they put some pillars on the front of their library-and the county court house?    The White House,  the Capitol Building, Jefferson Memorial, National Archives-the official libarry for records of the three branches of government all deemed it an archetectural asset.  Maybe that is why in every little town across America, we class up our important buildings with a few columns-and what could be more important than a library?