Do you have a habit that you would like to break?  or a behavior that you would like to develop into a habit?  Don’t we all ?

noun:  a settled or regular tendency or practice,
especially one that is hard to give up.

Most of the habits we have in our lives are not those that we consciously create-they just happen as the result of repetition.  I don’t know about you, but I often find myself on cruise control zipping through the motions of my day without awareness or intention.  I recently read about the Law of Hypnotic Rhythm, which is that moment when we achieve something permanent after our thinking or behavior repeats itself over and over and over.  It’s really simple-the more we do/think the same way, the greater the chance of that action/thought becoming locked in.  Thus, the phrase “set in her ways.”

I don’t want to be THAT iSissy – the one who has difficulty seeing a different way of doing things, unable to think beyond how it used to be done, stuck in a rut with no real thought of how to change. I want to become more aware of negative habits; but first, I will do one or two things to create a positive habit. I’m not really fond of my morning “routine”-or lack thereof. I wake up and hit the floor running.  I’m going to set aside the time from 8-8:30 every morning to read, pray, ponder and meditate on the good life I have been given-be more deliberate and mindful of the plans I make for the day. I will start my day with gratitude-purpose-intention.

This little poem is one of my favorites. It speaks to our inclination to just amble along mindlessly, until eventually, mercifully, we get it……

autobiography in 5 short chapters Portia NelsonShare with us some thoughts you have about habits you would like to change.