There is an exercise in psychology called “Best Possible Self.” It is a two-step process shown to increase happiness, positive emotions, optimism and improve coping skills.

Step 1: Get comfortable and think about a time in the future – a few months or 5 years. Imagine yourself at what you consider to be “the top of your game.” Visualize yourself in the best possible way.

Step 2: Now that you have that image set in your mind, write down the details, particularly write about the strengths that you see in yourself.

Writing this image down is a powerful tool that will help move you from wispy dreams to concrete realities.

OR it can also work if you do it in reverse. Write about the image first, then review that in their mind till it is set.

Either way, imagining your best possible self is a way to move along the path from good to better and better to being the best you can be.   We all want that!