Cooper with Lollie Karen Enid

iSissies was born on March 3, 2014. This year of Things Ordinary, Design, Shapes, Numbers, TBT, sunrises, thoughts and prayers has been more than an exercise. These “writing assignments” have been reflections to open the door for friendship and sometimes vulnerability – as iSissy1 sometimes says, “Don’t judge!” We look forward to another year of discovery and growth in our relationship as iSissies. Your thoughts, comments and responses are priceless and meaningful.

In that spirit of friendship, I share a blessing – an answer to prayer – a miracle which is beyond words for me. Two babies were born on March 5th – premature, very small and fragile. Now we celebrate their “1st Christmas”. We are so thankful!

This may have been your 1st Christmas to celebrate a miracle or to grieve a loss. May God bless you with hope beyond words. My prayer at this moment is that whatever we do, that we do it with prayers of faith and hope. iSissies, you are very special.

Thank you for sharing this great moment with me. Karen

Avery with Lollie Karen