Have you ever considered botox?  I usually don’t fret about that sort of thing, but then I see a photo of my face staring into the sun and I have those little squintly lines between my eyebrows.

Then I’m tempted to check out botox-I would probably be a little embarrassed to share that with folks.  I have considered a way to get around that. I would just say that I am having some minor surgery – outpatient.  If pressed I could say that I was having my glabella treated.  It sounds so weird I suspect most decent folks with any upbringing would never be so bold as to ask any further questions about me and my glabella.

Glabella:  the space between your eyebrows

Glabella: the space between your eyebrows

But I have to ask as a friend and iSissy, how is your glabella?