Cold! If the thermometer had been an inch longer,

we’d have frozen to death.  Mark Twain 

We feel it is a public service to provide obsure, irrelevant facts on our blog.  Today’s post is brought to you by bank thermometers-which, apparently really are just advertising mediums and are not accurate to location.  Some of the more modern displays are just being electronically fed the info from another site-making it off a few degrees.  The other method-reflecting the temp in the exact location-is not deemed to be accurate either.  Here’s why:

The National Weather Service has strict requirements for measuring air temperature, including:

– located over level terrain (grass or sod)
– at least 100 feet from concrete or paved surface
– protected from direct sun exposure

Bank thermometers typically do NOT follow these standards.

So, the next time someone quotes you a bank reading that is conversation worthy, just know that the bank is in the banking business and not weather reporting.