My souvenirs are easy to find-they are usually on my arm!  In the late 60’s early 70’s, charm bracelets became popular.  I had the multi-link bracelet shown in the photo, but had only a few charms-times changed, the charms lost their “charm” and I put the bracelet away.  As my husband and I began to travel a bit,  I decided that charms were easier to take home than books/pottery/glassware.   I dug out my silver charm bracelet and started adding memories.

In the little feature photo, there is a little turtle commemorating our visit to isissy2’s beach to see the Loggerhead Sea Turtles lay their eggs.  It was a magical moment as we sat huddled in the moonlight and watched her lumber out of the ocean, work diligently for a couple of hours digging out a hole, laying her eggs, cover them and head back to the ocean-repeating a ritual that will repeat itself every year at the same time, with the same turtle, on the same beach.

When I catch a glimpse of the little silver turtle charm,  I am taken back to that moment-I feel the sand under my feet, I feel the ocean air on my face and remember the almost sacred quiet as we watched eons of instinct play out.  I could tell a story about each of the charms on my souvenir bracelet, but we will save a few for another time.

Do you have a souvenir that you treasure?  Do you have a coconut monkey bank-it’s ok to admit it-we all have things that mean something just to us.  It is the memory we are treasure.