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What are the three words guaranteed to humiliate men everywhere? ‘Hold my purse’.  Francois Morency 

I discovered some time ago that I absolutely needed some type of organizer in my purse…which is usually a tote.  Another discovery I have made through trial and error-I love the silver metallic lining of this summer bag.  Things don’t get lost in the black hole!  

Here is a list of my purse dumped on the table:

First, let me just say  I did go a little coo-coo bananas one day with the stick on glitter.

Hard copy day planner (the pink book bedazzled with sparklies)-and a variety of pens.

Hand sanitizer (the Mr. had a kidney transplant and we are careful to avoid bringing home every bug that has been deposited on grocery carts, stair rails, door handles, etc), keys, a little pill box with some meds for vertigo (never know when the world will start spinning).

Shaklee snack bar (since lap band surgery a few years ago, I have made an earnest effort to avoid fast food snacking while I’m out and about-these little snacks are great).

Sunglasses, wallet, a little holder for membership/frequent buyer cards, lip gloss in several shades,  fingernail file-was surprised when I dumped everything, that my clippers are missing : ).

I carry cash and credit cards-so many places here in MN don’t even take checks anymore-but I throw in a couple when I am on the road.  There is a section at the back of my day planner for notes that I use to jot things down.  But, really, the one essential in my purse everytime I leave the house is my phone.  It has all the information I need for mailing things, calling someone, taking a photo, look up a menu while I’m grocery shopping, finding a store, finding the cheapest gas or nearest traffic report.  I try not to be on the phone in stores or in lines-that is in direct conflict of my commitment to “stay in the moment” and appreciate the ordinary things in my life.  Even if I never take my phone out of my purse when I am out and about-I never leave home without it-have been known to turn around and fetch it.

What kind of purse do you carry?  Do you change purses or just have “the one”?  What’s in your purse???

HEALTHY SNACK – almost as important as your phone – don’t leave home without it!!


180 snack bars – 5 flavors

180 snack chips – 2 flavors