monday:  Stamp

“It’s funny; in this era of e-mail and voice mail and all those things that even I did not grow up with, a plain old paper letter takes on amazing intimacy.”― Elizabeth Kostova

First class mail has dropped 28% in the last decade.  Bills, payments and most business correspondence is handled online these days.  An article in Forbes determined personal letters were nothing but a “”quaint anachronism.  So, in your home, stamps just might be a thing of the past.  

I recently discovered a beautiful blending of old school and technology.  I personalized my own stamps and matched them to note cards!  I will never bash the ability to communicate instantly through texting, phoning, emailing, “twittering “, instagramming, FBing, IMing, etc. etc.-I am blessed everyday with this technology.  I do, however, love to send first class mail-I will admit part of that process is the buying and selecting just the right card, note, stationery-and now, just the right stamp!

Apparently, there is a group of well thought of folks that decide whose image will appear on stamps issued by the USPS.  So, like me, they probably got all giddy about making up their own stamp.  I am sure there are lots of rules they have to follow, but the one most fitting is that the person must have made a contribution, a significant contribution, to American culture to be considered.

I had to smile at some of their 2014 choices-it is clear the US Postal Service is trying to shake things up-and, perhaps, stretch the meaning of significant contribution:  Jimi Hendrix-in full psychedelic haze, Michael Jackson-no mention of his legal problems, Steve Jobs-geeks everywhere are cheering, Ringling Bros Shows-I’m not clowning around, Spiderman-we all owe him so much, and last but not least, Janis Joplin-queen of psychedelic soul.

I am delighted I can use my lovely little personalized stamp (note the BB) with its matching note card.  Now that I have found, I can’t see Jimi Hendrix image enhancing any of my note cards.  But that’s just me….

What do you think?  Do you still have a little box marked “stamps” on your desk, or have gone online for so much you hardly ever need/use a stamp?