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When the stats were compiled on what consumers bought during the 2015 holiday season, it strongly suggests that we are all children at heart.  AND that we, like the 9-year-old Picasso, love to express ourselves through artistic impression.  Adult coloring books were among the top 3 best selling books, and 8 of the 20 currently top-sellers.  Coloring books??

Coloring in books have been around for a while. The 30’s and 40’s are kind of the golden age for coloring books for children.  Being touted as a stress reliever, the adult coloring book craze started in Europe, then came across the big pond to the US.  About the only difference between a child’s coloring book and an adult’s coloring book is the detail in the images.  The paper quality is higher which makes it easier to use different mediums.  I personally have quite the collection of colored markers since I discovered adult coloring books.

How did this all come about?  More and more we are all looking for a distraction from our hectic pace of a life – a chance to unplug.  Coloring books take us back to a simpler time allowing our minds to become engaged and relaxed.  Beautiful, sophisticated and artistic images make it easier than starting with a blank page when the desire to be creative kicks in. Social media has influenced the craze with photos of the finished pictures showing up on FB!

To the nay-sayers who might think this whole coloring book thing is silly, research has shown two amazing things:  the heart rate slows and there is a change in brainwaves. Coloring is often compared to meditation. The neurological response is the result of repetition and attention to patterns and detail associated with coloring.  A brain scientist explains that by concentrating on coloring an intricate image, negative thoughts are pushed out of the way and replaced with pleasant ones.

El Picador-Picasso-1890 (Picasso was 9 years old)

El Picador-Picasso-1890
(Picasso was 9 years old)

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

~Pablo Picasso, quoted in Time, October 1976

Have you started coloring?