PAD-banner-200The paradigm shift in photography is that everyday realism is more important than technical quality. Taking pictures is a natural and honest way to record our lives.

Our PhotoADay taps into that possibility.

Point – shoot – save – share.  Note what is in your life, your environment, your relationships, your history.  Take a picture and share it with us.  We will be doing the same. Rather than a distraction or “one more thing to do today,” we hope our PAD will help you be more present in your life; more observant to colors, shapes, feelings; your past and the way the morning sun hits a crystal vase.  Share your world with us today and everyday.


What is PhotoADay?

Every month we create a unique list of words as an inspiration for that day’s photo or image. There’s no right or wrong, just use that word to let your mind explore through the lens of a camera, your smart phone or your favorite online browser to discover the image that best represents you and the world around you.

PAD - inspirations

How do I share…my photos?

Post your photos to Instagram using hashtag #iSissiesPhotoMonday   #iSissiesPhotoTuesday, etc.; then you will be able to see how your other iSissies were inspired by that day’s PhotoADay theme.

Connect with us on Facebook.

You can also share on Twitter, Pinterest, on your blog or Google+.


How do I share…my thoughts?

iSissies is all about sharing.  Hopefully, the PhotoADay is not just a picture, but is evocative, bringing thoughts, memories or feelings into your mind.  Go to our blog posts and share.


How do I see everyone’s photos?

On Instagram, search for the #iSissiesPhotoMonday hashtag to see everyone’s photos for the Monday challenges, etc.

We’re working on ways that we can connect on all social media.  Check back frequently so see just how we are connecting the dots!


How do I get the list of challenges?

The monthly challenge list is revealed on the last Monday of every month (prior to the new month). You can find it here on our blog.  You can also sign up for our monthly e.newsletter (see the right hand column) that contains the next month’s challenges, plus any stories that we think might interest you.


Can I become a Contributor to the Blog?

Yes!  We will be opening up the blog to Contributors who will be able to post the photos directly to this blog!!  Keep your eyes out for the application so you can be one of the first to contribute.


Do I have to do it everyday to participate?

NO!  It’s all about having a good time and enjoying the creative process.

helpWe’ve created some resources to help you post pictures, share pictures and more. If there is something that you still can’t quite figure out…. let us know. We may not have the answer, but we’ll sure try to see if we can help you find it!!  Help & More