Random musings about Christmas

Have you ever wondered how much wrapping paper waste we create at Christmas?

During this busy holiday season, sometimes my mind wanders-like how long does it take Santa to deliver presents.  Or just how much wrapping paper waste is there after Christmas?  If you have ever wondered about such trivial matters, you have come to the right place-here are some random musings about Christmas…..

Christmas sales and Credit cards:

Visa cards are used an average of 5, 340 times every minute in the US during the Christmas buying season. Many retailers earn 70% of their annual revenue in the 4 weeks preceding Christmas Day.


Santa owes a lot of his success to those reindeer-in the 31 hours he has to deliver Christmas toys to boys and girls, those flying reindeer visit 823 homes per second.

Green Christmas-and I don’t mean the trees:

We increase our waste by 25% between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wrapping paper and gift bags create 4 million tons of waste.

(Read this on how to have an especially “green Christmas”.)


20 billion cards and packages are delivered between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Each home most likely will mail 28 Christmas cards and will most likely receive 28.

And finally-would you like to live in a city that reminds you of Christmas everyday?

Cities that are all about Christmas:

Santa Claus, Arizona and Indiana

Noel Missouri

Christmas Arizona

Christmas Florida

Bethlehem Pennsylvania

North Pole Alaska

Snowflake Arizona

Rudolph Wisconsin

Evergreen Alabama

Joy Illinois

Christmas Valley, Oregon

We wish you a lovely and merry Christmas!