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Beautiful red bridge in snow © Zhaoyineptune | Dreamstime.com – A bridge covered by a heavy snow

I love this red bridge in the woods. My guess is that this scene is beautiful with every season, but here we are seeing the red bridge and every branch in the trees and the ground covered with snow. There are footprints. I wish I could meet the person who left those prints. I wish I knew if they took the photo because they are a photographer or if they took it just because. Were they alone? I wish I knew the person who painted this bridge red. Like so many things we can never imagine the reach of what we do, who we will touch in the doing of it.  So I hope that this photo touches you as it has touched me to consider the serenity and beauty of all creation. I can almost hear the silence of these woods and then the plump, plump sound as the snow begins to melt and drop from the trees.  It’s an amazing world that we live it. Treasure it. Breathe in.

Sisters, we hope you enjoy this photo and some moments of sweet repose.