“A place for everything and everything in its place.”
~ Mrs. Beeton: The Book of Household Management,1861

We wanted Saturday’s PAD and blog to be about things that we did this week.  I spend a fair amount of time in my little office off the family room, and everything about it reflects who I am.  I raised 3 boys and have always been sensitive to common area space being somewhat genderless.  It is just me and the Mr. and our little dog, so I have kind of created a monster on making this space reflect “me.”  I realized this week that it was screaming my name-and that my desire to have a relaxed, fun artistic space also needed the balance of organization to be most functional for me.  I thought of the phrase “a place for everything and everything in its place”  and decided that I wanted to achieve that and still not completely subdue the wild child vibe I have created.  I researched the origin of the phrase and found the lovely Mrs. Beeton.

Mrs. Beeton’s complilation of household management ideas included guidance on the proper relationship between the Mrs. and her hired help-there are tons of recipes-some that start with the notion of how to pick the best animal for slaughter.  Zoom forward 150 years and much of the dear lady’s book is outdated and archaic.  Except the one quoted above about organization-don’t we all appreciate an “everything in its place”  kind of order in whatever situation we call home?  Dorm rooms, apartments, condos, two story, McMansions all benefit from some degree of organization and order.   A trip to the Dollar Tree,  The Container Store and Michaels, and I’m good to go.  I am, in fact, quite motivated and ready to dig in.  M. C. Escher, the artist made famous with his crazy stairs and quirky perceptions, said it best:  “We adore chaos because we love to produce order.”  That rang true to me-I loved the process of gathering, sorting, pitching, filing, saving, reading.  I made a “to do” list based on the buried notes written on the back of envelopes,  took a hard look at what I save and why, made a place for stuff that needs attention later and feel like I have created a space that works for me.   Love the idea that it is all right there-labeled with those darling litte tags from Michaels.  That thought and the bookshelf reflects my right brain, left brain conflict-here’s all this order on 3 shelves and then the top two shelves are not so linear, a little more fun.  Would love to see your space-we will all climb into the trust tree-no judgement on how your space reflects who YOU are : ) I realized through this process that while I truly appreciate the Mrs. Beetons of the world, and will strive for that ideal-a little Escher crazy stair feeling here and there makes me smile.


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