Saturday:  what we did this week

This week found the 3 isissies doing what sissies do-spending time with family.  isissy2 was in OK, helping our sib with some of his work stuff-she is freakishly talented with websites and such.  isissy3 spent the week at her daughter’s to give a hand on her first week home without the able bodied hubs helping out with one of their preemie twins.  I can’t think of a better person to come help out-isissy2 is a devoted homemaker with a commensurate skill set.  Spoke to them this afternoon and both assured me they had no doubts about a good night’s sleep tonight.   I, too, enjoyed the blessings of family and had the opportunity to spend some time with my not quite 3-week-old grandson.  The other (and older) grandchildren live out West-Arizona and Colorado-so having this new little guy here is such a treat-easy to carve out time to be with him.

One of our objectives with was to emphasize the importance of technology in establishing and maintaining connections with friends and family members.  Email, Facebook, texting, video chats, Google hangouts, smart phones all give us access to others and allow us to share photos and/or minute by minute updates of special events.  Virtual relationships can keep our feelings of well being high-we know we are connected and can reach out with immediate results.

What all 3 of us enjoyed this week was the gift of being with someone we love in real time, real life.  “Talking someone through it” is needed sometime-being there to offer moral support while talking them through it is like the frosting on the cake.  I hope you find the time, the opportunity to stay connected to those you love.  And, when possible, I hope you have the gift of up close and personal time.