Sisters encourage each other.


noun: the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

Folks in the know suggest that encouragement is the key to all positive relationships. It is key in our ability to get along well with others. We need encouragement like plants need water.

Encouragement is NOT praise or reward or words to gain compliance.  Praise is conditional on good outcomes-encouragement can be given any time-even with poor outcomes. There is no element of judgment in encouragement.

I am grateful for sisters who are there to encourage me, uplift me with positive affirmations of their belief in me. Each of us has had stretches in our lives where things look bleak-sometimes even hopeless. My sisters and my sisters of the heart have provided me the encouragement I needed during those times. Encouragement helps us cope with these challenges. It helps buffer the stress of everyday life and creates a “psychological hardiness” within us.

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Who do you know that needs to be encouraged?