Perry Ok 2006 Cole, Mema and Mandy

Stephen Covey:  When we really listen to another person, from their point of view-reflect back to them that understanding, it’s like giving them emotional oxygen.

Here is a photo of a young man providing emotional oxygen to his great-grandmother.   A couple of observations:  the way they are seated on the swing-bodies relaxed, his arm casually across the back -and the way laughter bridges the multi-generational gap between my grandson and my mother.  I treasure the times he and I have had visiting OK and am doubly pleased that I was there to capture this moment to share with you all these years later.  This idea of emotional oxygen prompted me to revisit the idea of emotional intelligence.  Since most papers on the subject emphasize the research behind the idea of emotional intelligence-I went where I always go when I want to boil it down to the basics:  Emotional Intelligence for Dummies by Steven J. Stein.

Here are a few things you might observe about an emotionally intelligent person:

  1. Knows their mood most of the time
  2. Possesses a good understanding of why they feel the way they do
  3. Knows how others around them are feelings
  4. Manages their feelings, especially by turning intense, negative emotions into less intense, warmer emotions
  5. Manages the emotions of people around them, making those people feel more at ease.

I think this is what my sissies do for me-provide me with regular doses of emotional oxygen.  I hope you have a sissy that does that for you, and, as always, we invite you to be our virtual sissy through I know for me, today’s blog has created a desire to become more emotionally intelligent , which will help me provide emotional oxygen more often, especially to my family and beloved friends.    Or maybe a sissy who is a stranger:  maybe her day/life might be a little better, a little brighter with just a whiff emotional oxygen.

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