” This day in history”  always reveals some fun facts.  Today, November 12, marks the 69th anniversary of drive through banking.  It was in Chicgo at the Exchange National Bank of Chicago-the automobile was on the cusp of domiminating travel in America.

November 12, 1946

November 12, 1946

The Exchange National Bank of Chicago opened the country’s first drive-in banking service with ten teller windows on November 12, 1946. The windows were protected by bulletproof glass, and money and paperwork were exchanged through sliding drawers.  It was all the rage.

Today, banks are considering eliminating their drive through service completely.  Why? Mobile banking-and not the automobile kind.

Smartphones have changed the way we do business.  51% of smartphone users have used mobile banking.  It is the future of banking for the millennial generation-those born from 1977 to 1995.

Kind of makes me feel proud that the Mr and I were able to accomplish the selling of our home on our smart phones in a Wendy’s in Brush, CO.  The offer came in while we were on vacation, and our realtor navigated us through the deal one click at a time.  Sweet!