Harriett Spratt with her children, Robert A and John ~1910

I love hats… but I’m not sure I could have pulled off these hats. These are HATS.

This is my husband’s grandmother. Her name was Harriet, and “yes, they called her Hattie”.  (I recently wrote about Robert A Spratt – her husband.) It is unfortunate just how little I know about her. This picture is actually a print we had made from the original glass plate that we possess. I didn’t even know these glass plates existed until both my in-laws had passed away and I was cleaning out the house. When I saw some of the things, I wept. I never heard any stories. I never had the opportunity to ask, “Did she wear hats all her life or just when she was young?”

Some people call it story-telling; but it is more about sharing. Sharing our roots and memories of times past. I’m sure some of our nieces & nephews grow tired of hearing the same stories over and over again when we have our family get-togethers; but I think it is so important that the next generations hear the stories and can repeat them again and again.


Grandma-SprattYOUR TURN
What stories are you going to pass down in your family? Will there be any hats involved?