The 5 of us ~ Siblings Benny, Kathy, Bonnie, Karen, James David The boys, the twins & Bonnie

The 5 of us ~ Siblings
Benny, Kathy, Bonnie, Karen, James David
The boys, the twins & Bonnie

Can you feel it? The love. The reason we took this picture exactly like this is because when the twins were born, we have been told that we were carried into the house on pillows. Bonnie describes it something like the arrival of royalty, except our mother handed me to James David and handed Kathy to Benny and said, “Take care of this one.” Our brothers are older than we are, but NOT THAT MUCH OLDER!  But imagine our mother with three children and surprise twins. She didn’t even know she was having twins until we were born so I think she was still in shock.

But there is so much more to this picture than meets the eye. Our brother ~ far right ~ James David has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Mesothelioma. So what did we do?  We went to his place on Catfish Road last weekend and we pretended to be lumberjacks for a day to help him mill some trees. We laughed. We cried. We worked shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart.

We have remained so close, so strong as siblings because of the art of forgiveness.

EXAMPLE: When our mother was moving to a cabin near Benny, we were discussing how to get the house where she had lived for 40+ years ~ where our parents raised us ~ ready to sell. No small fete. Finally Bonnie broke into a kind of rap song like “IDEAS, IDEAS, LET ME HAVE YOUR IDEAS!” meaning that we were not short on opinions. No ill intentions were meant. No offenses taken.

Picture yourself in relationships where being loved and loving is far better than being right.  Truly consider the high price of holding a grudge and know that it’s not worth it if you want to build a relationship with others. We are all fragile and we must forgive, but sometimes we can circumvent forgiveness by not being offended in the first place.