We three sisters have vast range of knowledge and experience in living ~ yes, from the ridiculous to the sublime.  At no point was cleaning something we thought we wanted to spend more time doing ~ we know you agree!  For that reason, we created The Art of Housekeeping ~ our shopping website where you will find innovative and creative microfiber tools and products that will help you can clean faster, easier, better and greener, of course!



FUN!  Here are our cleaning credentials!

Kathy probably has the widest range of hands-on exposure to knowing how to keep things clean.  She has managed resorts in the Caribbean where maid service means a daily routine of making beds and keeping the entire operation running with clean linens and clean floors.  One of her pet peeves is a dirty elevator.  People stand there and have time to notice the floor, the walls ~ even the ceiling!  But Kathy has also lived in Africa where concrete floors rule and windows are always open. That ‘s where they polish the concrete to make it shine like glass. Truly…it’s amazing what some people can do with so little, except a lot of elbow grease and labor.  Now Kathy lives in a beach house where there is a constant struggle with sea water air that sets on everything and where you can literally watch metal disintegrate before your very eyes in one season.  But there’s also the beautiful sunrises!!!

My favorite story about Bonnie was when she and her husband “the Mr.” moved into a brand new house.  Brand, spankin’ new.  You know the new house you have always dreamed of, built to your every specification.  One day she called her husband at work and said, “Jim, we have to move…(dramatic pause)….the house is dirty!”  Now Bonnie is writing about another home where she’s green, clean and very organized!  In her honor we have been inspired to adopt a saying, “LUV what you clean and clean what you LUV!”  Ask yourself, “useful or beautiful?”   When you pick up something, ask, “Do I use this? Or do I love it?”  If you can’t answer yes to either of those questions, then give it away or throw it away.  Bonnie believes in savoring the ordinary, but that means being able to see past stuff that isn’t important to us.

Karen lived a very stable life for a solid 14 years. That first home was where babies were born, grew up and where every neighbor knew each other. Nine different homes ranging from 4000 sq ft to a 900-square foot condominium in a high rise in Florida later, she’s cleaned a lot of different bathrooms and floors. Those nine moves don’t count the weeks or months in temporary housing waiting for a permanent move.  Karen’s advice: Don’t wait!  Pretend like you’re moving and see what you decide to keep.

Whether you are a clean freak or whether you have stacks of magazines and a closet packed full of stuff, we created The Art of Housekeeping will make a difference in your life along with our Call Me Sister on sage wisdom about savoring the ordinary and