A is for art

A is for:  Art-the creation of images or objects in the field of painting, sculpture and photography.  And, as this image strongly suggests, quilting is visual artistry at its finest.  Eva Reynolds, my “grannie” was an artist-no time in Paris, no patronage to ensure financial security, no studio with the light just right.  No, in a small little wooden house in Arkansas, she lit a kerosene lamp-sorted out the remnants she had saved from clothes she had sewn for the family.  My aunt, Edna, worked at a dress factory in VA and would sometimes be able to gather up scraps from the cutting room floor.  She would box those up and send them to Grannie-who would then spend hours in the evening matching up patterns and colors with some of her remnants.  Artists are born with the burning desire to create, and Grannie discovered the only outlet available to her.  Eva was a quilter and made her world brighter, more beautiful with her gift.  Eva was an artist and this is her creation.