family group june 2006 041 family group june 2006 006 Taken 8 years ago, these photos of my grandchildren still, and probably always will, warm my heart.  The recent addition of another little precious baby boy, and an upcoming family gathering to “present” him to the rest of the family have caused me to reflect on how the heart can expand as it fills with love. I found this little poem ( I am so sorry that I am not able to attribute its beautiful message to the author) and it so perfectly captured my feelings as I preserve treasured memories of  the past, live in and find joy in the present moment and look to the future with a grateful heart for my family-and today, especially, my 4 grandchildren.

For the Love of a Grandchild (author unknown) Child of my heart, heart of my heart, Your smile bridges the years between us. I am young again, Discovering the world through your eyes.

You have the time to listen, And I have the time to spend.

Delighted to gaze at familiar, loved features, Made new in you again.

Through you, I’ll see the future, Through me, you’ll know the past.

In the present we’ll love one another, As long as these moments last.

My grandchildren’s ages range from 6 weeks to 25 years, and the oldest recently met the youngest.  The moment took my breath away-everything that mattered was in that moment-family, love, peace, hope, the past, the future.  In the present we’ll love one another!