The fabulous centerpiece that iSissy1 created is setting on the red runners that iSissy2 created at the wedding of the gorgeous daughter that God and iSissy3 created.

2004 – Throwback Thursday photos are of people-it is fun to see how our childhood face, high school face and newly married face still lingers in our face of today. I chose this photo, because it is a wonderful example of iSissy love and care. iSissy3’s daughter was getting married. iSissy1 said, “I’ll do the flowers.” (a previous life as a florist had left me yearning to do something fun every few years.) iSissy2 said, “I’ll make the table cloths and runners.” (iSissy2 has never worked as a seamstress, but she can make anything out of any fabric.)

This centerpiece was in the middle of the room and mini versions were on each table-tables that were covered in the most beautiful crushed taffeta fabric you have ever seen-lined with satin-with a little bead fringe on the ends. It was an exquisite display of love, affection and creativity- all coming together because we are sissies.

centerpiece at open house

Centerpiece at a recent Open House – take note of the red runners!

2014 – At a recent open house-themed for Italy as a send off to a young woman headed to Italy to serve a mission for church-I knew exactly what I would use to create a little vignette on the serving table. Yep. The red crushed taffeta runner with satin lining and little bead fringe on the end has aged well. Reminding me once again how luck I am to have Sissies. We aren’t together physically for every event in our lives-which is why being an iSissy is so important-I can share this photo through technology and call to our remembrance the blessing of being together then.


Karen - daughter's wedding.2004

2004 – Sarah & iSissy3

iSissy3’s TURN

At one point in planning Sarah’s wedding, her aunts jokingly told her that the wedding was no longer about her!  Sarah (and I) will be eternally grateful for the beautiful flowers and tables that iSissy1 and 2 created for their dear niece.  One of my friends described the wedding as “understated elegance”.  And today 10 years later, this wedding is a wonderful memory of  happiness and sharing a wonderful beginning for our daughter and her husband.   iSissy love and care indeed!!