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The Parthenon, said the 19th-century French engineer Auguste Choisy, represents “the supreme effort of genius in pursuit of beauty.”

Throwback Thursday is a product of social media and usually consists of a photo from an individual’s past-how “past” is really up to the individual.

It is fun to see/post photos that remind us how really silly hairstyles, clothing & shoes can be-
what were we thinking in the 70″s?!

I am going to throw waaaay back and share some photos (taken only 10 years ago) of structures that have managed to stand the test of time-a long time!   Unlike hair, clothes and shoes that are deemed suitable in the context of social norms, Greek architecture was then, is  now, and will reamin stunningly beautiful in its structure and decoration.


The influence of Greek architecture can be seen throughout Europe, and some of our grandest universities and govenermnet buildings mimic the style and majesty of these ancient temples.   The Lincoln Memorial, modeled after the Parthenon in Athens,  captures the authority, permanence and power so representative of Greek architecture.

I have been fortunate enough to hike up the hill to Acropolis, where the Parthenon stands (just an aside-OSHA would shut that place down in a heartbeat) and, like all tourists, attempted to capture the moment with a photo.  But I knew standing there bathed in the brilliant Greek sunshine, trying to take it all in without benefit of a camera lens, that any resulting image would not fully capture the wonder and awe of this 2,400 year old monument erected in the pursuit of beauty.