east birch

Home:  No matter how many homes we live in throughout our lifetime, I think most folks have one place that will always be “home.”  This is the one for me.  A pretty little house with black shutters and lots of yard.  There were only two bedrooms, so when my family of 7 moved in, there was an interesting assortment of sleeping arrangements.

My bed, that I shared with my sisters, Kathy and Karen, was the fold out couch  in the dining room.  After a bit, I got a fold out bed in the laundry room, and thought I was a princess for being able to sleep alone.  My sisters and I shared a bed off and on during their childhood.  In one bed, since we were all getting bigger, each night one of us would put our head at the foot of the bed, so our feet would give more room at the head.  We took turns on who slept upside down.  I digress.

My brother Benny slept in the 2nd bedroom,  and my oldest brother, JD, slept in a converted shed that once was a chicken coop.  JD left for the Navy shortly after his 17th birthday-leaving the shed and all its freedom to Benny-interestingly he got married at 17,  leaving the shed to me.  Not one to shake a trend, I left the shed when I was 18 to marry a man with enough money to assure me a nice bedroom-with a dresser-and night stands-and little matching lamps on each one.