Lunar_libration_with_phase_Oct_2007Say, “Crescent”. If you think of crescent rolls, just get your head out of the kitchen. Let’s think outerspace. I am totally mesmerized by the moon, so when I say, “crescent”, I immediately think of the crescent moon. Sometimes I get so focused on the full moon, I forget all of those other different phases that not only provide stunning night-time experiences, but literally affects our daily lives like the tides and agriculture.

The moon plays a role in our lives, ranging from movies where people (and werewolves) howl at the moon, to farmers who must consult the Farmer’s Almanac for planting instructions according to the moon phase. Isn’t it odd that most of us don’t really know all that much about the moon and how it really is a part of what is happening in our day-to-day living (and sleeping).

Did you know that there are technically two crescent moons every month?  You have the waxing crescent (before the full moon) and the waning crescent (after the full moon).  Here are all the phases:


To many sky watchers, the Moon is home to the gods. Plutarch, a first-century Greek essayist, considered it a way station for the coming and going of souls.

YOUR TURN: Tonight (or one night soon), go outside and just look up. See what phase the moon is in. You can look at it as a scientist, an artist or a poet… it is a wonder to behold – beautiful and moving.