Where to begin?  My sissies, Kathy and Karen, are both truly inspiring people.  I teasingly tell people that I am a little like both of them-sometimes, when I feeling really feisty, I say I am the best of both of them.

Karen is a cancer survivor and chose to use that crisis as a turning point in her life-her commitment to health, nutrition and quality of life shapes everything she does and says.  Her life-threatening diagnosis became a life-changing moment.  She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk.  Her commitment to fitness and health inspire me to do better.  Kathy took a real hard look at herself and her life recently and decided it was time – time to make some serious, drastic changes.  It included entering and winning a weight loss makeover for Shaklee (they are distributors DBA Kathy&Karen LLC).  She lost 60+ and is in the running for a trip to Paris.  She is acting as a coach for other women and telling them how she started her “life makeover”-make your bed first thing,  eat well, take a walk, remind yourself everyday that you are beautiful!  She has done a 180 makeover in not just her weight, but in her life.  Kathy and Karen are two of the most inspiring people I know.

They are my sissies.