I scream.  You scream.  We all scream for ICE CREAM!  So, let’s celebrate….

No one is really sure when Rocky Road confections came to be.  Its origins are muddled by stories from Australia to Wall Street.   But who needs an in depth history lesson when you are talking ice cream?

We just know that it is a day worth celebrating.  It was first massed produced by one William Dreyer, who mixed up a bowl of chocolate ice cream, mini marshmallows and some chopped nuts one day as he contemplated life.

Thank you. Thank you, Mr. William Dreyer.

Thank you. Thank you, Mr. William Dreyer.


It seems that all across the world this combination is pleasing, but sometimes with a twist.  In the Land Down Under they add a bit of jam.  In the United Kingdom, their Rocky Road Ice Cream just begs for cherries and raisins.

Gladly, there is no one policing the way you might want to celebrate Rocky Road Ice Cream Day.  So, add a bit of jam, cherries or raisins if you must.  But don’t let the day pass without a scoop or two of Rocky Road.

PS:  Want to impress your friends with some ice cream trivia?   As you are enjoying this creamy delight, ask them if they know following:  On average, how many licks does it take to polish off a single scoop ice cream cone?

Answer:  50