Here are reasons I LOVE these pictures. Some are unique. Some are sweet.  Some speak volumes.

Wedding picture ~ TAYLOR & CHRISTY

Posed and candid together

What a sweet gesture in the background…one of the bridesmaids blowing a kiss.

Everyone smiling happily.

Beautiful picture of the bride and groom.

Bride looking at her father and smiling

Bride with her father

What father wouldn’t love to have this picture of his daughter smiling with such love as he stands with her before she is married.  Sweet moment.  Precious picture.

Taylor-Aunt Kathy-Mom

Special people

Taylor lived with Aunt Kathy while he was studying for the bar exam in Florida ~ do you think there might have been a little stress in the house?  Oh wait a minute…it wasn’t a house.  It was a one-bedroom condominium.

True love from your aunt who was so happy to be there and share in this day ~ knowing what it taken to get to this point in life.

A moment….when time stops

When Sarah first saw this picture she said, “Mom, I love this. In a single moment, the photographer captured the past, the present and the future.”

So true.

In the age of millions of photos taken by everyone every minute of every day, We can thank professional photographers who do a fabulous job taking priceless pictures like this one!

Mother of the Groom dance with her son

Pure joy

What most people won’t know about this picture is that I had cancer 18 years ago when our son was 13 years old. I prayed then that I would be there for his wedding.

It was so joyful for me!

In this age when millions of pictures are taken by everyone, every minute of every day, wedding pictures are special.  Shout out to professional photographers who capture our lives.

Are you attending a wedding this summer?  Have you been the Mother of the Bride?  the Mother of the Groom?  the aunt?  or bridesmaid?  Or an guest who can enjoy every moment?