Some of my favorite cast iron cookware

Kathy iSissy2’s Cast Iron Cookware

I can’t help it. I LOVE cast iron cookware.

My dutch oven is a must have. I promise you that some things made in this dutch oven can NOT be duplicated by any other method. Imagine my delight when we got an induction cooktop… which works like magic with the cast iron!!

Firing up the fire

Firing up the fire

If you keep your cast iron “seasoned”, it’s better than any Teflon or non-stick surface in the marketplace.

And if you have some cast iron that appears beyond help (rusted, dirty, greasy, etc), just build a fire outside, get lots of red hot coals going, then put your cast iron piece right down in the middle of it and let it “cook off”.

I usually just leave it ’til the next day – pull my cast iron out of the ashes and proceed to rub it down with lard, put in a 350 degree oven (put it in upside down with a cookie sheet underneath to catch any drippings), leave it for an hour, then let it cool down. You’re done.

If it is just “kinda dirty”, you just clean it up with some steel wool (or salt) and elbow grease.

Actually, in this picture I am working on some small loaf pans that belonged to my husband’s family. Unfortunately, at some point, my father-in-law had PAINTED these lovely cast iron loaf pans. He had used them in drawers to hold things in the photography studio. I had left them painted for the past 20+ years… and finally decided about a year ago to do something about it. This is where I just built a fire and kept it hot enough to burn off all that paint!! It’s a real testimony to just how indestructible these pieces are.

At the Lodge Outlet inTennessee

At the Lodge Outlet South Pittsburg, Tennessee

In 2013, when Karen and I did a road trip with our hubbies from OK to FL.  On the way, we say a billboard that said, “Lodge Cast Iron Factory Outlet”.  Stop the car!! So, we took a little side trip and not only got to touch and admire every piece by Lodge, but ended up having quite a few pieces shipped home (no room in the car).

Be sure and tune in tomorrow to hear more about how we share the cast iron skillet tradition in our family!

Do you love cast iron?  Do you have any “vintage” pieces?