Photo by oddsock

Circle:  Wholeness, unity, infinity, complete:  all these words come to mind when we examine the meaning of a circle.  Many cultures have adopted the circle to reflect their understanding of time, the universe.  The Chinese Yin Yang is a most pleasing symbol of unified balance.  Dr. Carl Jung was fascinated with the combination of a square surrounding a circle.  He felt it represented the balance between mind and body.  I’m going to take a sharp turn here and share my fascination with crop circles.

I borrowed this compilation of photos from the web.  Doesn’t it look like a lovely tapestry?  It is photos of crop circles from around the world.  This is not the time or place to debate the origin of these beautiful circles (hoax or extraterrestrial) just enjoy the beauty.  We will leave their origin to those who choose to focus on the unknown-I just know they are amazing, and I love them.