Do it afraid…

Over the two decades, the shape of America has changed.  We know the reality of terror. We know the reality of evil actions. We know the reality of a sudden, real and present danger.

I believe that the choices we make if confronted by evil will make a difference if we survive or if lives are saved. God help us all to be the one that can say, “I’m small, but I’m mighty! I’m not going down without a fight.” We can’t judge what others may or may not do in a terrifying situation, but right now this is a reality for all of us to be ready to fight if we have to.

Most of all, remember that you can do it afraid.

Four steps to the plan:

  1. Evade ~ run if you can
  2. Arm yourself if you can arm yourself
  3. Barricade ~ escape to a place of safety
  4. Fight

Video: Fight back

I hope I will be one of the ones that can be a spark.  Kathy Smith Spratt, my twin sister, would certainly be a spark…no doubt.  When we were young and we might be at home alone for an evening, we used to sit in a chair together and plan our attack in case there was an invader.  We planned who would scratch and who would bite and who would kick…nothing ever happened, but we were ready and we were prepared.

Maybe we should all take time to plan our attack praying that nothing ever happens, but we will be ready.